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American shorthair
and Scottish fold, kittens for sale

Welcome to the Inverness Nursery!

Cattery Inverness was founded in 2009 and is registered in the following systems: WCF, CFA, MFA, TICA. We are professionally engaged in breeding two breeds of cats: the Scottish FOLD (Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight) and the American SHORTHAIR, exclusive for our country, this breed is considered the strongest and healthiest among all cat breeds. (You can learn more about the American shorthair on the page – “About breeds”) Until now, these cats are the rarest breed in our country.

We use this breed for the purebred breeding program of American shorthair, and as partners for mating with Scottish cats, in order to obtain bright and contrasting silver cats, as well as to improve the body structure and strengthen the health of Scots.

In breeding, in addition to external data, special attention is paid to health and character, we do not use animals with behavior problems (excessive aggression or cowardice) or animals burdened with hereditary diseases in breeding. On the page “Kittens” you can see photos of American shorthair kittens, which can be bought in our cattery at the present time. You can sign up for kittens by e-mail Kittens leave the parental home no earlier than 3 months of age.

Attention! American shorthair kittens are sold only by appointment, there is a waiting list.

We are always glad to meet new people and cooperate with breeders and cat lovers!

Owner of the INVERNESS cattery
Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Kanatova


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